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The current gold Investment Channels are mainly physical gold bullion, gold trading book (or paper gold), gold coins, gold futures of four.

[Variety 1: physical bullion, preservation of highlight]

A sense, the physical bullion most people “hiding money” needs. The yellow gold bars, see and feel. Gold bullion standard gold bullion investment are two gold bars and gifts. Standard bullion gold market is the most important trading tool, Trade and Industry Bank (601,398 market, stock it), Bank of China (601,988 market, stock it), the Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank (600,036 market, stock it) and Shenzhen Development Bank are in standard gold bullion has opened an investment business, the disadvantage of this business Some will not recover. The China Gold Coin Corporation before selling produce the “Year of the Rat gold bars” are of a gift of a gold bar, gold bars in this cast have printed graphics and color, in addition to their value, also has a collection value, while with recycle.

[Variety 2: paper gold, big profits realized soon]

Both want to invest profits from the gold market, but also reduce risk as much as possible, carrying gold trading is a good choice.

Bank of China, “Wong” business, commonly known as “paper gold”, is the first book launch gold trading system. “Wong” The offer followed the fluctuations in the international gold market to offer investors to grasp market trends by buying low-high throw to earn the difference between the gold price fluctuations. However, all transactions of gold, investors are only in pre-open within the golden book collection and payment records do not involve physical delivery of gold.
Now many banks have launched the business.

[Variety 3: gold, focusing on value to the collection]

Pure gold coins and commemorative coins divided by the People’s Bank issue. Limit the market supply and demand for collection, the value may exceed the value of their gold cast. Such as the forthcoming year Olympics (Group 3) 10 kg of gold with a circulation of only 29, bound to become a hot treasures, price is estimated at 3.5 million yuan on to 380 million a year.

If You Bika more familiar with market conditions, you can also mark the coins into the investments. Such as the 1998 release of its first color gold “Lunar New Year Tiger”, was priced at 800 yuan, but this year already exceeded 10,000 yuan mark.

[Variety 4: Gold futures, only professionals]

January 9 this year, Shanghai Gold Exchange opened, it was with some professional knowledge and a greater tolerance for risk professionals to provide a new investment product.

According to Jiangsu Holly Futures Futures analyst Li Kai introduction, gold futures opened, came to account for hundreds of people every day, mainly because some have had stock brokers and investors. However, Kai Li cautioned that gold futures and Stock , Spot gold is different is the enlarged ten times the chance to operate, risks and benefits are great, ordinary investors should not intervene. Gold futures and gold due to be honored.

[Special note: Gold jewelry, medals is not an investment choice]

, Of course, we can not forget Life The most common gold jewelry, as well as TV Play almost daily in the golden Shopping guide. If only from an investment perspective, gold jewelry, medals not Cooperation As a means of gold investment.

The price of gold jewelry in addition to gold, but also contain processing costs. From gold to gold, the goldsmith or jeweler spend a lot of effort for processing, production came out as a arts and crafts, but also to be taxed, to end at the hands of the buyer, plus the manufacturer , wholesalers, retailers, profits, all costs are by Consumption Bear.

The gold medal because of different distribution channels, is difficult to ensure purity of gold. For example, the price of 18K gold is only 999 gold, less than half, as a lot of bogus coin medallion is no investment value.

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