Gold Investing Opportunities

Gold investing opportunities abound in this current economic environment. Those that have been on board, or who get on board shortly, are going to reap the profits of what will turn out to be one of the best gold investing opportunities ever! The U.S. Government has virtually guaranteed this with its program of nationalization and debt spending.

Our current political situation is providing a once in a lifetime gold investing opportunity. Now is the time to act and take advantage of this opportunity.

Gold has been in a trading range, roughly between $900 and $960 for the last 2 & 1/2 months, but that is about to change to the upside. Gold and silver have always reacted to the strength of the dollar, or the lack there of, and in effect they are the canary in the coal mine, sounding off when the the dollar has been abused.

The Fed’s policy of quantitative easing has sowed the seeds of massive inflation for the future. Right now the only green shoots we are seeing are the green shoots of inflation that will follow this misguided attempt at government man handling the free market.

Government manipulation of the markets has never brought desirable results, but rather only the delaying of the inevitable. The inevitable is coming and it is not good for the U.S. dollar. It does, however, provide us with gold investing opportunities which will enable us to protect our wealth from this massive restructuring.

You can leverage your gold investment by buying gold stocks, gold mutual funds and ETFs. I highly recommend this approach as long as you have protected your purchasing power by buying physical gold. Gold coins and silver coins, for that matter, are the best way to preserve your purchasing power.

Gold is easy to buy and easy to sell, so I highly recommend buying gold coins and bullion while this biggest of all gold investing opportunities is still in it’s early stages.

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